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London Nutrition Clinic founder, Lisa Blair believes what and how you eat profoundly affects your health, mood and energy levels. Lisa can show you how simple dietary and lifestyle changes can help you achieve radiant good health.

Nutritional therapy is for anyone who wants to support their health through their diet whether you want help demystifying all the conflicting dietary advice or looking more specifically to:
• Optimise your digestive function
• Achieve healthy weight management
• Maximise your energy levels
• Support your immune system function
• Achieve healthy hormone balance
Lisa treats you as the individual you are and will personalise your plan to your exact needs.

Eat well, be well and feel great

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What her clients say....

I have been following your food plan and feel absolutely amazing! Thank you! I have so much more energy and more importantly I don't seem to be spending all my time thinking about what I should and shouldn't be eating. It's so liberating and hopefully the start of a whole new attitude towards food for me.